Paper Bag Albums…and then some

I have been asked by a colleague to make an album for a wedding shower.  I love being asked by others to make things for them – just another way I get to share my craft, my joy!  sounds corny, I know. Anyway, I have already made an album out of paper bags for this person…to give as a gift.  I was Safari themed for a friend going to Africa for a mission trip.  It turned out very cute.  I have made many paper bag albums and chipboard books and sold them at my etsy shop, given as gifts, sold at craft shows.  Above is a chipboard book – it was a special order for a little girl.   Below that are a few more I’ve made.

So now my colleague wants an album for a wedding shower and I have this urge to truly surpass the already adorable paper bag album project.  I decided to make an album out of 5″x7″ envleopes and cover a wooden photo box to match to use as a keepsake box for the event, as well as store the album.

I have also challenged myself to make this my  first tutorial.  I need to gather all of the supplies and decide which papers I am going to use.  I   also have to go buy the wooden photo box.  I     am very excited about this project.

In fact, I am so excited, I think I am also going to make that combination for a wedding gift for another colleague’s daughter.  She is getting married in May, honeymooning in Montego Bay. An album and a keepsake box to match for honeymoon memories sounds fun.

The next photo is another past custom order from my shop on etsy.   The one on the right is the paper bag album and the one on the left  is to an original creation…a chip board album with card stock pages – simple o-rings keep that together.  The photos really do not do justice for these little beauties – but that’s half the trick, now isn’t it?

Finally, the last photo on this post is the paper bag album I made for my daughter a few years ago.  She filled it immediately.  Almost as joyful as creating it – watching her go crazy for it.  This might have been the first one I ever made.  I don’t even remember where I learned this from.  I know I borrowed the idea from somewhere – see, that’s why we write these things down!!!  Now, I would like to put my final thoughts for this post under the last image, but I don’t know how to get down there after I have already put this picture into my post – I will put that on the list of things to learn about blogging.